Luxembourg is gearing up for a momentous return to the Eurovision Song Contest after a long 30-year absence. Join Chrissi Welter on the first episode of our Eurovision podcast as she revisits the auditions, speaking with international jurors who picked the eight finalists.

The influx of talent was astounding, with over 500 submissions flooding in from aspiring artists yearning to represent the country in Malmö. From this vast pool of talent, 50 artists showcasing 70 diverse songs were shortlisted.

The international jury, featuring experts like Alex Panayi and Cesár Sampson, played a crucial part in selecting the finalists.  Panayi, a Greek Cypriot singer and composer, participated twice and is now primarily involved as a vocal coach to song contest participants.

Sampson, an Austrian singer, participated at the ESC in Lisbon in 2018 where he secured an impressive third place. He too had to go through the audition process. Additionally, before representing his country, he was also involved in a number of successful entries for Eurovision.

The judges' extensive Eurovision experience helped them carefully pick talents poised to continue Luxembourg's tradition of excelling on the stage. The Grand Duchy has won a total of five times, most recently in 1983.

The jurors' insightful perspectives, shared during Chrissi's conversations, show how carefully they looked for acts that capture the Eurovision spirit.

Tali Eshkoli, an experienced Eurovision figure and former 2019 ESC producer, acknowledged the challenge in selecting top talents among impressive singers, expressing admiration for performances in Luxembourgish. Despite the language barrier, Tali noted the joy and emotion conveyed by artists singing in their native language. After all, music is a language in itself.

But what does it take to secure the first place?

According to the jury, securing victory at Eurovision demands a trifecta: a magnetic artist, an outstanding song, and a dynamic stage presence. Achieving excellence in these areas defines the winning formula.

However, clinching the top spot isn't assured solely by this complete package. Success relies on excelling in all three aspects to maintain a top-five position, aligning with each year's unique competition dynamics. The song choice is pivotal. Not every beloved song fits Eurovision's mold. The right song, meeting Eurovision's distinct criteria, is vital. It demands a well-rounded talent in both the artist's performance and the song's composition.

In closing, Christer Björkmann, a Swedish television producer, presenter, and former ESC participant, shared a vital message of encouragement: Don't lose heart if you didn't make it this year. With only a few spots available, perseverance is key. Strive for improvement and return stronger. Leaving listeners with a positive and motivating note, they concluded, eager to reconnect next week for more insightful discussions.

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Episode 1 - Insight into the jury's mind at the auditions


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