It has been 36 years since Switzerland last won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Swiss candidate, who identitfies as non-binary, represented their country with their song "The Code", a song that convinced not only the jury, but also the public. With a striking performance, the jury immediately chose them as the winner, although the competition was tight. Croatia's Baby Lasagna was the crowd favourite, receiving the most points from the public.

However, it was clear beforehand that Nemo would likely prevail, being one of the favourites from the start. In the final tally, Switzerland scored 591 points compared to Croatia's 547, marking the first time a non-binary person has won the contest. This victory represents Switzerland's third overall win at the ESC, with their last win dating back to 1988 with Céline Dion.

But who exactly is Nemo?
Nemo has expressed that they don't identify as either a man or a woman; instead, they identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns. Even their name holds significance directly related to their gender, as "Nemo" in Latin simply means "no one."

However, Nemo is far from being "no one." At just 24 years old, they are a remarkably talented artist. They had important roles in various operas by the age of nine, were a lead singer in a musical by Udo Jürgens at 13, and established themselves as a major newcomer in Swiss rap by 16.

It seems that everything aligned perfectly for Nemo, including their coming-out as non-binary, which went smoothly. They prefer to be referred to using "they" pronouns, neither male nor female. On social media, they go by "Nemothings," which summarises the concept.

Nemo Mettler was born on 3 August 1999, and has been living in Berlin since 2021. They hail from the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland and were raised together with their 22-year-old sister, Ella Mettler. Interestingly, Ella was involved in the contest as well, handling styling and press photos. The idea for the music video for "The Code" also came from their younger sister.

Creativity was practically ingrained in them from the beginning. Their parents ran a creative agency in Biel/Bienne, where they spent most of their childhood. The environment fostered creativity, with a three-story building where they could freely express themselves. Nemo and their sister were always surrounded by creatively minded individuals, allowing them to indulge in their interests their whole childhood.

Nemo began their musical journey early, starting with the violin at three years old, followed by drums, piano, and eventually, singing and opera at nine. Even as a child, they were drawn to the stage, often performing in nylon tights.

Entering teenagehood, Nemo was given the opportunity to participate in castings for children's movies and various roles as a movie extra. All of this was their own decision, as their parents never pressured them. Transitioning from opera, Nemo found themselves drawn to the hip-hop scene, particularly during Berlin's rap heyday. Inspired by artists like Sido who was one of the pioneers of German gangsta rap, they began writing lyrics, producing beats, and fully immersing themselves in crafting their career alongside school and personal life.
And in 2016, Nemo finally achieved a breakthrough with the help of a rap battle contest hosted by the Swiss radio station SRF. No one had expected that such a cheeky teenager who is smaller than the others, with braces and a woolly hat, could rap so confidently and skillfully.

Now, Nemo has definitely made it - the path to fame is now certainly paved for them.